• 1992      Company formation in Pelhřimov
  • 1995      Purchase of used facilities in Pelhřimov
    • Development and first production of electric heating elements for bathroom heating radiators
    • Purchase of first CNC lathe and other machinery
    • Gaining our first major customer for CNC machining
  • 1997      Purchase of our second CNC lathe
  • 1998 – 1999        Increase in CNC production, purchase of another two CNC machines, administrative building construction
  • 2000      The manufacturing facilities prove insufficient, it is decided to construct a new production hall, implementation of the first information system for production control
  • 2001      1st phase of the new production hall construction on the site of the original factory
  • 2002      Purchase of the first Gildemeister twin spindle CNC lathe
  • 2003      2nd phase of the new production hall construction, purchase of another twin spindle CNC lathe, the very first CNC lathe replaced by a new, modern one
  • 2004 – 2007 Rapid increase in production, alteration and expansion of machinery equipment, purchase of the first NAKAMURA – TOME WT-100 CNC turning centres, implementation of the currently used information system, new equipment for quality control and storage, the manufacturing facilities prove insufficient in size once again, decision made to construct yet another production hall
  • 2008      Construction of new factory building
  • 2009      new set of technological equipment purchased for electric heating elements production and complete renovation
  • 2010      Expansion of machinery equipment by, among others, first NAKAMURA-TOME WY 250 SuperMill turning centre with extensive possibilities of milling operations
  • 2011      Alteration and expansion of machinery equipment
  • 2012     Expansion of machinery equipment by TAKAMAZ CNC lathe for production machining of parts using semi-finished pieces
    • Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the company
  • 2014 Extensive investments into purchasing Hi-tech gauges in the 1st half of the year – commissioning the 3D CNC WERTH SCOPECHECK 3D FB gauge along with the rest of the measurement laboratory Purchasing the sixth CNC NAKAMURA-TOME WT-100 lathe kit (by the end of the year, the company runs 11 shaping machines in a constant operation) 
  • 2015 Plans to renew less productive machines Intentions to purchase a multipurpose (aka MultiTasking) CNC shaping machine
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